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Yetter 6300 Complete Coulter Cart

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Field-proven for over 30 years, the Yetter 6300 Complete Coulter Cart is designed with parallel linkage, enabling easy adjustments to the operating depth and maintaining weight transfer from the tractor to the cart. The Complete Coulter Cart features staggered or offset shanks on 2999 Frame-Mount Coulters with 18" blades.
  • Maintains constant transfer of weight from tractor to coulters, maximizing down pressure
  • Cart to be used in conjunction with drills, planters, and other 3-point equipment
  • Can be raised and lowered independently of the coulter toolbar
  • Spring-loaded coulters swivel, allowing for better in-line tracking
  • Cart couples close to the planter or drill for tighter turning radius and better mobility
  • Sturdy Y-frame features two vertical 20" hydraulic cylinders
  • Is available in 15' and 20' models
  • Blade options: 13" shallow wave, 8" wave, or 25" multi-wave
  • Coulter spacing options: 7 1/2", 10", 15"
  • Works with up to 280 PTO horsepower and 3-, 4-, and 5-shank rippers


6300 Complete Coulter Cart
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