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Yetter 4000 Nutrient-Pro Coulter

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Spring-loaded and equipped with a depth-control wheel, the 4000 Nutrient-Pro Coulter is the right choice for precise placement of liquid or dry fertilizer. Proven in tough and diverse field conditions around the globe, this is a versatile coulter that can be frame-mounted on the planter or directly mounted to the toolbar.
  • Smooth-sided blades for minimal-disturbance application
  • 1/4"-thick blade design with beveled edge and boron-steel construction ensure durability at today’s operating speeds
  • Dry or liquid fertilizer placement for pre-plant, plant, and side-dress application
  • Three down pressure settings and five quick-adjust depth settings, no tools required
  • Universal mounting bracket kits fit planters as well as three-point or pull-type toolbars
  • Stainless steel fertilizer knife design ensures dependable service
  • Closing disc kit option available
  • Disc diameter: 18" or 20"
  • Fertilizer knives: Dry or liquid
  • Disc angle: 5° to 7°
  • Depth settings & adjustments: 1 1/2" to 5" (18" disc), 2 1/2" to 6" (20" disc)
  • Down pressure settings: 640 lbs., 520 lbs., 400 lbs.
  • Gauge wheel: 3" x 16", semi-pneumatic rubber tire, nylon/steel wheels, 40mm OD bearings


4000 Nutrient-Pro Coulter
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