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Monosem Twin-Row

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 Pneumatic planter with double discs

Twin-Row crops are planted with a staggered seed drop which increases yields.
  • Type of seed

    Maize, Sunflower, Rapeseed,…

  • Inter-row

    75 to 80 cm

  • Number of rows

    4 to 8 rows

  • Preparation

    Traditional and low-till

 The Concept
Developed by the American MONOSEM subsidiary in 1992 and commercialized for nearly 20 years, this method is based on two-line staggered planting.
The MS seed placement
The crop is planted on two lines 20 centimeters apart instead of on one line with inter row spacings of 75 cm, 76,2 cm or 80 cm.

By a better positionning of the seeds, the Twin-Row Sync-Row® increases the seed population with less competition and more growing room and thus increasing the yields.

Harvesting is made with conventional equipment. Another advantage : as the overall inter row spacing is not modified, the tractor treads remain unchanged.
 The distribution
High quality planting demands a good distribution system. This is why MONOSEM offers all their know-how in order to give you an accurate, simple and extremely reliable distribution system. This high quality manufacturing has made the MONOSEM metering system a worldwide name. Today for your planting, you too can demand the MONOSEM reference.The distribution
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