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Monosem Monoshox NX M

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 Pneumatic planter with double discs

Specially developed for low-till techniques, no-till planting and intensive conditions of use.
  • Type of seed

    Maize, Sunflower, Rapeseed,…

  • Inter-row

    70 to 80 cm

  • Number of rows

    4 to 12 rows

  • Preparation

    Traditional, low and no-till

 The NX Concept

The Monoshox NX M metering unit is the result of the know-how and experience of MONOSEM in the field of depth control with discs in Europe since 1989 with the NG Plus. The Monoshox NX M planter is designed for demanding farmers and contractors looking for a versatile precision planter capable of working in difficult and low-till conditions with high quality planting. So if you are looking for a heavy-duty, reliable and precise planter, choose the  Monoshox NX M.The NX concept

A DESIGN which makes all the difference

  • Rests on the ground directly in line with the seed drop
  • Follows the ground contours
  • Exceptional performances in all conditions
 The metering unit

In order to meet with farmers new expectations, the metering unit has Monoshox NX M exclusive technologies enabling it to be :The metering unit

  • Faster due to its Monoshox.EU suspension with shock absorber,
  • More accurate, no matter what the type of seed with the easily removed tip,
  • Easier to adjust with its parallelogram that can be rapidly adjusted in pressure and its new rear unit with adjusting levers.
 The distribution
High quality planting demands a good distribution system. This is why MONOSEM offers all their know-how in order to give you an accurate, simple and extremely reliable distribution system. This high quality manufacturing has made the MONOSEM metering system a worldwide name. Today for your planting, you too can demand the MONOSEM reference.
The distribution
Monoshox NX M
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