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Sund Small Grains

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The Sund Raking Pickup was originally designed by Fred Sund in his Blacksmith Shop in Newburg North Dakota. It was born out of the necessity to be able to pick up thin crops in times of short moisture. Also built into the pickup with the use of the spring steel tooth, and gentle raking action, was the ability to pick the crop and all the while leave the dirt and rock in the field where it belongs.
And as the Sund is famous for being able to pick thin crops, it just stands to reason that it will pick up more of your crop when the swaths are full as well.
Another unique feature exclusive to Sund in small grains is its ability to pick up swaths that have settled due to rain, hail or other adverse conditions. Regardless of how close the grain is to the ground, even if it has started to sprout, the Sund will pick it, guaranteed. The Sund will even direct harvest hailed out crop saving growers thousands of bushels that would otherwise be lost.
Another point we want you to be fully aware of is the fact that you can pick your crop gently, and all the while have as much forward speed as you need to keep even the largest of combines working well.
There is no other pickup in this world that is so versatile for the harvest of small grains, because regardless of the condition of the crop itself, or the conditions you have to harvest it in, the Sund will always, without exception, do the job.
Sund Small Grains
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