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Kirchner 3 PT & Wheel Ditchers

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Ditches can be made with one pass ,although better banks are accomplished by making two or more passes allowing tractor tires to pack the partially made banks.
Makes new ditches up to 22" deep.3pt ditcher.jpg
Ideal for cleaning
weedy or sodden old ditches.
Curved wing rolls dirt up and out.
Wing tilt adjustment with adjust-a-screw or hydraulic cylinder changes slant of banks.
Replaceable high carbon point carves round bottom ditch.
Replaceable cutting blades.
Heavy duty frog and cross bracing.
3” x 8" cylinder fits into beam
for more depth & more clearance
(not included in price).
Available in 6' or 7' widths.
Hooks to tractor draw bar.wheel ditcher.jpg
Heavy 3"x 5"x 3/8" beam.
Standard 3”x 8" cylinder controls depth (not included in price).
Available in 6', 7' or 8' widths.
11' heavy duty ditcher for canals available on special order.

Recommended for smaller tractors3pt ditcher.jpg

Includes heavy duty beam with adj-a-screw for tilt,
Does not include lift cylinder

6' 3pt. Ditcher approx. 705 lbs

7' 3pt. Ditcher approx. 765 lbs

3 PT. Ditcher Options

Wing Tilt Cylinder - 3"x 8" Hydraulic Cylinder c/w 5' & 6' hoses (in lieu of adj-a-screw)
Lift Cylinder - when placed into 3pt beam,will lift 8" higher than 3pt hitch


11’ WHEEL DITCHERwheel ditcher.jpg

for canals and large main ditches
includes 11L x 15" tires,
4" x 16" tilt cylinder,
5" x 16" lift cylinder & hoses to tractor Special order only

Estimated set up time: 2 hours

Includes 6:70 x 15” implement tires
Includes adj-a-screw for tilt
Requires adj-a-screw or hydraulic cylinder for lift

6' Wheel Ditcher    approx. 920 lbs
7' Wheel Ditcher    approx. 980 lbs
8’ Wheel Ditcher   approx. 1090 lbs

Wheel Ditcher Options

Lift Cylinder 3" x 8" hydraulic cylinder w/ 5' & 6' hoses
Wing Tilt Cylinder 3 "x 8" hydraulic cylinder /w 8' & 9' hoses (in lieu of adj-a-screw)
Coulter Assembly cuts grass, straw or sloughs,


3 PT & Wheel Ditchers
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