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Kirchner Loader Mount Pallet Forks

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Standard or Heavy Duty

For non quick attach loaders with bucket removed.
A variety of hole sizes to fit most cylinders & booms on loaders.
Adjustable angle iron attachments to fit most loader widths.
Specify loader when ordering
as some models must have angles welded on to fit loader.
hooks directly to loader arms & tilt cylinders
mounting pins not included.
 P2. Loader Mount Pallet Fork - standard duty
approx. 250 lbs.loader mount pallet fork.jpg
1500 lb lift capacity
2 pallet teeth (1" x 3" x 64")
4 angle iron mounts
Heavy 4” x 4” tube construction
non adjustable tooth spacing – 30”
 P3. Loader Mount Pallet Fork - heavy duty
approx. 500 lbs.loader mount rail-style pallet fork heavy duty.jpg
5000 lb lift capacity per pair at 24” centre load
2 pallet teeth (1 1/2" x 4" x 48" Rail Style)
4 angle iron mounts
adjustable tooth spacing.


Loader Mount Pallet Forks
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