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Kirchner Bucket Mount Pallet Forks

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Standard Duty for Older Non Quick Attach Loaders
Handles pallets, fence posts, lumber & etc.
Heavy 4" x 4" tube construction.
1" x 3" high carbon teeth.
Teeth easily gets under pallets or produce,Quickly attaches to or detaches from most loader buckets.
Slide the bucket edge under the lip of the pallet fork,
hook chains over the back of bucket & tighten two nuts.
 P1. Bucket Mount Pallet Fork
approx. 225 lbs.
•  standard duty - 1500 lb lift capacity
2 pallet teeth (1" x 3" x 80")
non adjustable tooth spacing — 30”
Can be painted to match your loader colour. Specify when ordering.
Parts List Bucket Mount Pallet Forks__
Angle Iron - with holes (loader mount forks)
G-74 Cap - with bolts to attach angle iron bracket
Chain & Bolt Assy. - (bucket mount forks)
Hook Assy. - (bucket mount forks)
Pallet Fork Tooth - 1" x 3" x 80" - (std. duty bucket mount)


Bucket Mount Pallet Forks
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